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Alpha Innovation Promotions!
Our Pink Kubatons are only $5.25.- Also our Stylus Kubatons are on sale at just $5.-

And for a limited time, our Single Finger Nuck AL are only $40.- Also our Field Levelers are on sale at just $30.-

That's 25% OFF their original price on all four items!
We are pleased to offer these FREE gifts with qualifying purchases!
The Safety Whistle is a practical device to keep on your key ring. Kubatons are are very effective weapons that can be used in a number of ways. The Alpha Scraper is great for ice, paint or whatever else needs to be scraped (or raked)
For Purchases of (not including shipping):
Alpha Scraper   Safety Whistle   Kubaton   Kubaton & Safety Whistle
FREE Alpha Scrapper
$10.00 or more
FREE Safety Whistle
$35.00 or more
FREE Kubaton
$75.00 or more
FREE Kubaton & Whistle
$100.00 or more
Our Products More Products Knives Custom T-Shirts Custom Zippo Lighters Training & Videos Tactical Pens Custom Work
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